How To Buy Cars at Auction Online.

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How to Buy Car Online in Nigeria

Buying a car online in Nigeria is mostly via classified ads or through a car dealer, with 95% of the public that owns a car relying on such purchase, and failing to realize that they could actually save over 20% from the same vehicle if they knew how to buy car online in Nigeria. You can certainly get a much better deal if you know how to buy cars at auction, could be a public auto auction, where the government might use the public car auction as a medium to dispose vehicles that where impounded for any reason, or via car auction sites.

Mostly what discourages people is the cost of buying a car in Nigeria, and the thought of extra cost of shipping, but if you do all the maths via a licensed auctioneer you will be surprised that the sum of actually doing the entire process by yourself and walking to a car dealer (TOKUNBO) in Nigeria to buy a car, you will be saving yourself serious money that can actually be used on something else. First thing first we need to actually talk about some terms used on car auction sites, so we can actually understand what we are dealing with here.


You might not be so familiar with some terms used on auction sites or public auto auction to know how to buy cars from auto auction, but you certainly need to get yourself acquainted with some of this languages used in the cars auction industry, below are a few explanation on the terms and other points to take note of when you want to buy cars at auction online or buy cars from public auto auction.


NON RUNNER vehicle are the vehicle that do not have capacity to move inside the ship by itself except the use of fork lift but a runner car is a car that have the capacity to enter ship on its own and it is common called( ROLL ON ROLL ON).A non runner sometimes have to go inside a container but it has to go from auction to the warehouse so that other cars can be loaded with it ,however it is reasonable to know that a non runner cars will not leave the port until other cars are available, Shipper cannot determine when the container will sail until cars are complete, It worth waiting for though because non runner cars are always cheap compare to run and drive cars. Do you know that 85% of the cars we drive on Nigeria roads are accidental vehicle? I was in mechanic village sometimes ago and I was amazed when I saw cars that the panel beater are fixing together to make a better car for car dealers. Most of these auto vehicles are flooded damaged, that will require a rewire to work on and good news is that they will fix it but it will never be 100%. All they are looking for is to fix it and sell it so that the buyer will become associated with mechanical expenses, this is the reason why you will see a lot of cars owner in the rewire, mechanic and panel beater workshop. There is no way you can fix a flooded car 100%, without having future issues. I can ascertain one thing that at the end of the year, the ROI (Return on Investment) will not be justifiable, and then you will discover that you have spent a lot.


Sometimes in united state, People prefer to drive their new cars as far as east coast or west coast instead of boarding aircraft, This simply means that they are putting more mileage on a new car, that is why sometimes you will see a new car with high mileage, do not be afraid when you see such situation, Do you know this high mileage can still serve you for the next 5 years? Do you know this is the car you people are buying from a car shop? Do you know that this mileage comes like 300,000 sometimes and they will cut it down to 30,000 mileages they already know you do not know anything about mileage? when you buy a car from auction and you see high mileage, do not be afraid, just check the VIN history and you will understand what you are buying, The higher the mileage, the lower the price and like I advise, high mileage do not mean the car is bad or in a good condition, all you have to do is to contact the local auto auctioneer for better advise on any car you are planning to buy.

Also from referencing a quote from the National Mileage Registrar, which stated that "1 in 12 vehicles have some sort of discrepancy. The average car does 10,000 to 12,000 miles per year, so if you think the mileage is inconsistent with the age and condition of the car it is worth investigating further...", so if you have car with 120,000 mileage, you can practically deduce how long the car has been driven, meaning 10 years prior placed on public auto auction or auction sites.


Manual car is not as popular any longer in Nigeria compare to the automatic, but do you know it is the cheapest car so far? Some people prefer the manual gear because it consumes less fuel and it is easy to control, do you know that automatic cars are prone to accident than manual? You are the one in control of the manual gear yourself while the automatic car is been control by itself though you are the one driving it but sometimes you can lost control, Manual gear is going out of date now because of people prefer automatic because it stress less free and it is also cheap in auction, You can buy Toyota COROLLA 2007 for 2.2 for automatic while you buy the manual for 1.7 million. Kindly think about it very well before making any decision or you can contact your local auctioneer.

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