Car Auctions vs Car Dealers.

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Buying a car from auction websites can be very interesting sometimes, The different between the rich and the poor is just access to information and exposure. This information and exposure as to how to buy a car online in Nigeria is what we are going to discuss. It is the car dealers in Nigeria that make buying cars too difficult for the masses because of cost of shipping and clearing the vehicles, A smart man will buy from an auction websites through a licensed auctioneer, because car auction prices are always cheaper, and you can expect to have your car processed and delivered within 6 weeks.

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Let us take Toyota Corolla as a case study. In Nigeria the best price for a clean Toyota Corolla 2007 is now 2.2 million; do you know you can buy the same car via auto auction for less than $2000? which is N730, 000 when you convert our currency to USD?You will ship through the best shipping company (Grimardli Shipping line) for less than $1000 which is N365,000,Trucking from auction to shipping company is less than $400 which is like N146,000 and the clearing cost for this car is N400,000 . If you calculate this cost form A –Z it is less than N1,700,000 and this mean a dealer is single handedly making a profit of over N500,000 on a particular vehicle, at best you get a good deal for same car at 2 million . (ROLL ON ROLL ON). It is obvious that car auction prices pays. The good news is that auction cars are durable because you will know the secret of the car you are buying and don’t end up buying flood or bad damaged vehicle all because you want to see the car you are buying on the car lot in Nigeria, of course someone need to be careful of fake car dealer that just want to make away with your money and that is why you have to visit anyone you are dealing with physically and make sure they have a located office. Why not wait 6 weeks and get a car that will give, you rest of mind for the next 5 years.

When I was searching for a reliable car auctions near me, in Nigeria, I was actually fortunate to come across this car dealer (Awoof Cars Auction Limited)via online car auction sites. Their service is commendable and I will recommend them, for any auto auction service. You can give them a call on +2348023851599


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My name is Ambali, I am an auto expert when it comes to car bidding . We have various certified licenses to bid on cars from USA, we offer services that covers car inspection, Buying, Trucking , shipping and clearance from the port in Nigeria. We are CERTIFIED to import reposes, neatly used vehicles and brand new cars to Nigeria from various auction companies in USA. Contact us on +2348023851599 for insight and consultation services

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