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5 Car Auctions Tips for Buying Cars Online in Nigeria

Do you know you can purchase a car for as low as $1000 online via car auctions in Nigeria? or simply buying auction cars out rightly by using car bidding option via a reputable auto auction websites? In this post I will be discussing on some major points when considering buying a vehicle online. But first of all, you must always have a focus drive when it comes to what you want and your budget, why? Because there are tons of auto vehicles online you can practically buy for a lesser price than your estimated budget.

Car Bidding Tips to Consider at an Auto Auction 

In order to get a Grade A auto vehicle, you need to consider this 5 cars bidding tips. I will be using a Honda (car brand) Pilot (vehicle model) to illustrate how to get a good price deal when buying used cars on a car auctions website.


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1. Do You Know Anything About The Car You Want to Buy In Auction?

It is always a good idea to know a little if not more about the car you might desire, don't buy a car based on assumption, or based on recommendations from a friend or local auto dealer alone. You need to do your own research and findings about the car in question. Knowing some parts of a vehicle that are normally not durable gives you an edge when conversing with an auto auction dealer. Asking the right questions at times do help you save cost on a vehicle that would have ended up being overpriced.

For instance you need to ask the state of the following auto parts of the vehicle

a.) Engine (what type? is it a V6, V4 or, other aEngine types that doesn’t consume fuel)

b.) Gear (What is the condition? is it a manual Or automatic transmission)

c.) Wheel Alignment (what type? is it a four wheel Drive, Front wheel Drive or thrust alignment)

d.) Car mileage (Is it over 100,000? a mileage really tells a lot about the usage of a car).

e.) Body Condition (Where are damages most visible? this should include interiors too).

f.) Electrical Condition (Auto windows, car stereos, side mirrors, heaters, AC, roof top windows, etc).

With this little insight you can get a bit information with the mechanics of your bidding vehicle, always get someone with auto parts knowledge like a car mechanic to accompany you when doing a test drive of the car at the dealers auction place. We will talk about test driving in another post.

Most car auction websites do provide a test drive service that helps you cover the cost of checking odd things on the vehicle.

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2. Set Aside Money for Repairs

Generally, cars sold at auto auction websites are there for a reason. High mileage, engine or mechanical issues, or past accidents might be what are keeping the vehicle off a traditional dealership lot.

While your low car bidding could get you a great price, you should factor in the cost of potential repairs or cosmetic work, for a grand refurblishing look.

For instance you might purchase an Honda pilot 2014 with a good car bidding price of $10,000 to $11,000 for a clean used car and still need to factor in electrical repairs or some sort of body works.  Interstate Auto Auction warns that sedans could require repairs ranging from $300 to more than $1,000, while trucks, vans, SUVs and high-end luxury vehicles might need repairs ranging from $600 to more than $2,000.

CarMD’s 2016 Vehicle Health Index offers comprehensive info on which types of vehicles have the lowest frequency of repairs and which have the lowest average repair cost. The report found a 2012 Honda CR-V had the lowest repair frequency and also the lowest average check engine light-related repair cost at $100.53.

Don’t forget to consider towing costs if you cannot drive the vehicle off the lot. Note that not all the cars bought from auction have capacity to run and drive, It is the Basic law in United State that any car bought from auction is for export only and export only car cannot be driven on the road because it has no insurance. You will need to engage the service of the trucking company to assist you move it from the auction to the warehouse.. 


3.Historical Background Check on The Car

It is considered vital to always do a bit of investigation prior a purchase of any vehicle, especially from an auction or used car dealership. Abroad this will save you a lot of headaches in the future in terms of stolen vehicle cases, contraband or confiscated cases on a car. If you have the car’s vehicle identification number (VIN), you can check its history on a website like  CARFAX.

For instance if a car is being auction based on a flood incident, that means the only thing worth of value is the body and all the electrical condition of such vehicle is not worth anymore, Reason is because salty water must have penetrated inside the electrical compartment and it will be difficult to get it fixed 100% .It is not always advisable to buy flood vehicles, Though it might look very cheap but it is not advisable.


4. Used or Clean Auction Cars can last you for long than local used Vehicles.

When buying cars in Nigeria, one needs to consider the condition of the Nigerian road as a negative factor in terms of change in environment for the car. In most cases the efficiency of the car diminishes with its handling in a country such as Nigeria. With a regular vehicle check up and maintenance most drivers do fail to provide for their vehicle. The only merit is for you to consider buying a car as a short term investment (assets) which you can make use of for another 5 years Maximum prior you selling it off and reconsidering another car auctions purchase via auto auction websites. 

One of the errors most auction cars owners do fail to see is how they need to evaluate if they have gotten back their money's worth on a vehicle after purchase, e.g if you make purchase of a vehicle for $5000 (logistics included and servicing), you need to now factor in how many times the vehicle as actually serve its purpose for you prior you taking it back to the mechanics, the cost of each services, and the optimum performance the vehicle has given you during its service.


5. Always Bid an Odd Number

This is probably going to be my No. 1 rule the next time I’m part of any blind auction. When I found out my initial bid matched someone else’s, I could have kicked myself for not bidding $301 instead of $300. I could have saved $99 — or $99.99 if they’d allow me to bid $300.01. Of course, bidding odd would not have the same effect at a live auction, where someone could instantly outbid you. But if you are working with an experience car bidding auto dealer, they would have know the odds of that. One major thing, to add to this last tip will be the need to do your buying cars in Nigeria via a certified car dealer, even if it’s via a car auction websites. Most of the car dealers are either a member of an associate car dealer group or do have license to execute such car bidding on behalf of their clients. Always confirm that the dealer is a certified one and such certificates are recognized.


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